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ntpdate(8) and unbound(8) dependencies during boot

Hi, I'm having the following issues on RPi-3 which doesn't have battery
operated clock. This tends to happen when clock skew is quite large.

1. DNS resolution no longer works, as unbound(8) needs system time to
be correct. I think this is due to "forward-tls-upstream: yes" option.

2. System time cannot be set with ntpdate(8) as it needs DNS to resolve
NTP server.

One obvious solution would be to change ntp.conf and replace NTP server
hostnames with IP addresses. Although ntpdate(8) man page doesn't
specify where it actually gets NTP servers for its operation. It
mentions briefly NetInfo from ntpd, but even ntpd man page doesn't
explain what NetInfo is and how it works.

Anyway, has anyone come across this issue before and how did you
manage to solve it?


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