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Re: HP ProLiant server running NetBSD 9 setup suggestions?

One of the drives failed and I’d set the drives up as a single volume, oops.

I brought up Windows temporarily to do the one firmware update I didn’t seem to be able to do any other way (the storage controller) and then reinstalled NetBSD.

Now that I’ve reinstalled, have a dmesg:

There’s going to be one more reinstall in my future, once my LFF drive cage arrives and I set up large 3.5in SATA disks.

My experience so far is that putting in a random disk that I had laying around causes the fans to spin up to 70some percent for a period of time, and then the system appears to adapt to the drive and get quiet again--right now it’s barely noticeable. We’ll see what happens when I build LLVM...

  -- Chris

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