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Re: Securing DNS traffic

On Mon, 25 May 2020 12:57:59 +0200
Niels Dettenbach <> wrote:

> I would trust my (paid) ISPs NS much more then any other "free" one by all 
> what i've seen in my life there - especially if your ISP grants you no usage 
> logging by contract. 

This isn't really a thing where I live. The ISP's here routinely return
A records to a scammy "search engine" instead of NXDOMAIN. One was
caught throttling video streaming services, so they could collect money
from both the streaming services and the customers. (The fact they also
sell cable TV makes that even more suspicious.)

Is there anything in the contract I could use to fight this? I don't
know. It's dozens of pages long and written in a way only a lawyer can
understand it.

There are no other choices for internet access in my area.

Again, I'd prefer to run my own resolvers, but can't justify the

Aaron B. <>

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