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Re: library cleanup after a system upgrade

Hi Martin,

Martin Husemann wrote:
> There are multiple cases and they are treated differently:
>  1) there were neither major nor minor version changes between the releases
> 	-> the library is overwritten with the new version during the update
>  2) the major version was bumped
> 	-> new version is installed, old version stays around as 3rd party
> 	   software in your installation could still refer to it.
> 	   There are scripts for finding all references and actually
> 	   obsolete libs, but this is typically a later (and partly
> 	   manual) step after you have updated all pkgs too.
>  3) the minor version was bumped
> 	-> symlinks are fixed to point at the newer version, older
> 	   version is removed by postinstall

this is quit clear and makes sense to me. I wondered if there existed a
ready script for 2) to share...

I would check if the .so.x file has a corresponding symlink, if it has,
it is latest version, else it is old.
But I know how to code, but not at scripting.. so maybe there is some
cleanup script or so.

FreeBSD does it with upgrade:
1) update system
2) updat all packages
3 re-run update to cleanup



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