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Re: library cleanup after a system upgrade

Martin Husemann <> wrote:

>  2) the major version was bumped
>         -> new version is installed, old version stays around as 3rd party
>            software in your installation could still refer to it.
>            There are scripts for finding all references and actually
>            obsolete libs, but this is typically a later (and partly
>            manual) step after you have updated all pkgs too.

Re manual step...  From /usr/sbin/postinstall - this comment speaks
about an embedded awk script that does this work:

#       The implementation supports removing obsolete major libraries
#       if the awk variable AllLibs is set, although there is no way to
#       enable that in the enclosing shell function as this time.

We should probably use an environment variable to supply that
assignment on the awk invocation (-v AllLibs=1) so that you don't have
to copy and edit it.



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