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Re: Asterisk video conferences using NetBSD?

On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 01:33:31PM +0500, Vitaly Shevtsov wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply. I don't know if sipjs supports video
> conference. I used it for p2p video call and that worked well.
> Regarding to letsencypt, I've never used it, sorry.

Never mind.

I experimented with sipml5 and jssip, both support conference.

Only (and big) problem I have now, when using jssip, is:

When I enable audio codec and no video codec in asterisk: audio works
perfectly fine.

When I add a video codec, no matter I keep audio codec or not: only video
works fine, no audio.

Still struggling to find whether it's asterisk side problem or JS side.
Suspecting it to be asterisk, but not getting any clue. Tried various
codecs, watched the console messages - if codec is not compatible it
reports, and taken care of using only the supported ones on the client.

With sipml5 audio works fine, video never did, at least for me.

Haven't tried sip.js. Seems a fork of jssip with some high end features
which I don't need. So thought of sticking to jssip. Also sipml5 / jssip
provided simple demo applications to get going, which helped. Didn't find
such quick help with sipjs.

So close to getting everything work, yet so far... Would appreciate any
hints whatsoever.


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