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Re: Asterisk video conferences using NetBSD?

On Wed, 22 Apr 2020 22:39:22 +0530
Mayuresh <> wrote:

> In the past, I have used Asterisk as a SIP server on NetBSD and found
> it to be working fine.
> I read Asterisk supports video calls as well. Has anyone tried it for
> video calls, particularly conference calls?
> Would one need `better' CPUs for that or most of the codec part is
> done on the clients? The requirement isn't large scale. Imagine
> something like 10-15 concurrent users on the same conference call.
> There aren't expected to be too many such calls running in parallel.
> Also which version of asterisk is advisable? I am on NetBSD-8
> (still!).
> Mayuresh

No, the way a SIP router works is that all the endpoints are supposed
to negotiate their common codecs and then for all the endpoints to use
that. No transcoding is done at the Asterisk server. However, people
behind IPv4-only networks with NATs or fascist firewalls will need a
TURN server and that can be bandwidth intensive which may end up
increasing CPU load depending on how much your communications card on
your server has the ability to offload things to it.
Professional/Server cards with good drivers should have plenty of

The bigger question is what software are you going to use that can do
video SIP calls? Only portable piece of software that I know is
TwinklePhone. That and like the second major version of Linphone that
is now very old. Please do let me know I'd be very interested in
knowing of more working open source or even hardware implementations of
SIP videophones. Any reason to ditch the proprietary spyware
video-calling services.

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