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Re: Finding parameters of existing ext2fs partition

On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 12:21:56AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Linux root filesystem would initially be on FFS/UFS 1 or 2.  Reason
> for -O 0 would be to make the Linux partition from NetBSD and write the
> partition from NetBSD.  This would not be necessary from FreeBSD.

Martin Husemann responded:

> Using -O 0 for makefs_ext2fs makes no sense here (to me). I have no idea why
> you think it would help or be needed.

> Martin

I have had problems writing to Linux ext2fs partitions from NetBSD, have not really proven that using -O 0 would solve the problem.

I also don't know if there is anything peculiar with "git" for writing to a Linux ext2fs from NetBSD, as opposed to extracting a .tgx, .tbz or .txz.

Maybe I need to create an ext2fs with -O 0 and another with -O 1 and try with a small git repository, nothing big like Gentoo portage or Void-Linux void packages.  Then I could experiment with only the root partition andd ext2fs partition in question mounted.  I could also try extracting a tarball.


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