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Finding parameters of existing ext2fs partition

I see there is newfs_ext2fs in NetBSD base system, and a parameter -O (can be set to 0 or 1) for fileystem format: 0 is default for NetBSD.

Question is how to determine what this format is for an already existing ext2fs filesystem, either from base system or from e2fstools package.

I tried various things in base system for both FreeBSD and NetBSD but couldn't find anything.

Problem is when I write to an ext2fs filesystem from NetBSD, I may get errors, especially with a big, complicated write that would occur with "git pull".

My hypotheses is that the filesystem was formatted from FreeBSD with their default -r 1, comparable to -O 1 in NetBSD.

Just recently, doing a "git pull" on such a filesystem crashed with an immediate unclean reboot.

I want to create a Linux ext2fs that can be safely written to from NetBSD.


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