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Re: Finding parameters of existing ext2fs partition

> On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 01:11:10AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > I think I might have to use "-O 0" for newfs_ext2fs from NetBSD, but
> > subsequently, using the Linux root file system, would not need to be so
> > fettered, would switch to more up-to-date options for Linux.

> I am not aware of any setup where you would need to use -O 0 for a ext2fs,
> unless you are creating the boot filesystem for cobalt (where the firmware
> can only understand that file system type).

> Everywhere else the default should just work.

> Martin

Linux root filesystem would initially be on FFS/UFS 1 or 2.  Reason for -O 0 would be to make the Linux partition from NetBSD and write the partition from NetBSD.  This would not be necessary from FreeBSD.

I would also want to see if I could use a chroot from NetBSD on /emul/linux or from FreeBSD on /compat/linux, but regard this as an outside chance.  Not sure if I could read/write ext3fs, ext4fs, btrfs or xfs from such a chroot, but that might be too risky to try.


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