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Re: Looking for java an android devs on netbsd environment

On Fri, 3 Apr 2020 at 15:27, John m0t <> wrote:
>  Hello;
> I am trying to set a full production system to do android and java development in NetBSD.
> Is anyone doing it right now or ever done it before?
> I need to know if these things work on netbsd:
> a. android studio
> b. adb bridge
> c. eclipse
> d.intellij idea
> e. qt creator
> f. java (oracle java vs OpenJDK)(which version/versions? 1.8? 11?)
> any experience that you have is most most welcome and appreciated.

I've been developing in Java under NetBSD for a while now. I use
IntelliJ IDEA under pkgsrc/openjdk8. Building for various versions of
wildfly. Previously also built for ancient Jboss versions and PhoneMe
j2me under Windows CE (still have nightmares about that last one).

Eclipse uses native bindings, so IIRC it needs the Linux jdk, which
has issues due to some missing emulated syscalls (futex and one

Native openjdk8 works pretty well but very occasionally seems to
randomly fail - symptoms would be a request to fetch a page in browser
fails, refreshing might fail another couple of times then work again.

I've switched from a Thinkpad T430 to T480 and now seem to have some
bizarre display interaction with IDEA where everything will just slow
down massively until the process is restarted.

Last I tried native openjdk11 did not seem to reliably run wildfly
(all services start and backend processes fine, but no requests


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