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Re: EST available frequencies drops during operation

On 06/04/2020 21:26, Matthias Petermann wrote:

across a number of reports on the X230, where cleaning the fan and in particular the "re-pasting" of the heat pipe helped. That's exactly what I did yesterday with my device - 1.5 hours of work and now the temperatures are significantly lower. And: the problem described in the previous post has completely disappeared. I am not a CPU expert, but I suspect that in my case there was a kind of emergency lowering of the clock to avoid a meltdown.

Didn't know it actually showed up in the est cpu info like that but cpus definately throttle themselves these days to prevent over temperature situations. Much older AMD CPU's didn't and could easily kill themselves if the fan failed but newer ones will protect themselves.

Reminds me that I need to uprate the heatsink on my build server so it can actually run the RAM at full speed. :D


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