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Re: Making a localized, educational live-usb version of Netbsd? Possible, and is worth it?

Chris Bannister <> writes:

> On Sat, Apr 05, 2014 at 09:24:31AM -0000, David Lord wrote:
>> My attempts at an install system from a usb stick
>> eventually worked well and was useful on my systems
>> without cdrom drive. Unfortunately I managed to 
>> overwrite it. There were two downsides to my usb
>> stick, although on a 16 G stick I only had about 
>> 500 MB of space with install system taking up most
>> of that, secondly it was painfully slow.
>> I've just now reinstalled the stick with 5 GB used
>> for the filesystem:
>> Filesystem   Size  Used  Avail
>> root_device  4.9G  443M   4.2G
> Can it be extended to use the whole 16G? That could be handy as a
> transportable Live system.
>> It needs some cleaning up but it boots ok.
>> I also have NetBSD-6.1_STABLE-i386-live-sd0root.img.gz
>> built from sysbuild, that can be transferred using 'dd'.
> And this can be dd'd to a USB stick as a bootable live system? Is it
> possible to extend the image to use all the space on the USB stick?

makefs(8) has some flags to set free space on the file system and/or
to set total size of file system image.


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