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Re: Unable to dynamically set CPU frequency

On 2013-06-01, Sverre Froyen <> wrote:
> On 2013-06-01, at 13:52, Tim R <> wrote:
>> Just doubled checked and I am positive I'm booting with the correct 
>> kernel. Not sure what to look for now. Is there some bios options I 
>> could look at?
> I had an HP Omnibook may years ago that would overheat when ACPI was enabled. 
Apparently, HP leaves all thermal management to the OS when ACPI is used. 
As a workaround you could try to disable ACPI with "boot -2" 
(it looks like this works even though the boot mans page states that it is 
for i386 only).
> Regards,
> Sverre

Takker og bukker! Thanks Sverre! This solved the problem and estd is now 
able to control the cpu speed with no ACPI running. I read something 
about an HP bios update. Have to look into this further

How can I control various temperature settings in coretemp and do I have 
any options to control fan speeds and thresholds now? I noticed without 
ACPI the fan only have two speeds, minimum and something around 80%. It 
runs a little to hot compiling etc. I'd like to modify this and set 
critical limits etc if at all possible? Running envstat it only reports 
"Current" No Critical or Warning temps.

Kind Regards 

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