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Re: Unable to dynamically set CPU frequency

On 2013-06-01, at 13:52, Tim R <> wrote:

> On 2013-05-31, Dave B <> wrote:
>>  Hmm.  Absence of "est" under machdep sure sounds like it means
>> the kernel didn't recognize Enhanced Speed Step on the chip...
>>  Can you change something in your kernel config of which you'd
>> then see evidence on a subsequent reboot--to be absolutely positive
>> you're getting the kernel with the relevant config?  E.g.: comment
>> out something benign in the config (maybe the sound drivers?) and
>> look for them to disappear from dmesg's output?
>> -D
> Just doubled checked and I am positive I'm booting with the correct 
> kernel. Not sure what to look for now. Is there some bios options I 
> could look at?

I had an HP Omnibook may years ago that would overheat when ACPI was enabled. 
Apparently, HP leaves all thermal management to the OS when ACPI is used. As a 
workaround you could try to disable ACPI with "boot -2" (it looks like this 
works even though the boot mans page states that it is for i386 only).


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