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Re: Unable to dynamically set CPU frequency

On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 05:50:55PM +0000, Tim R wrote:
> I installed NetBSD on a HPNX9420 laptop with a dual core 
> CentrinoT2600/2.16GHzCPU 
> With the Generic kernel both cores revs up to maximum frequency and stays 
> there. 
> This result in high temperatures within a few minutes and the fan is 
> constantly on 
> max speed and noise. I installed estd-0.7 from pkgsrc. When I ran estd for 
> the first 
> time it said it can not guess CPU-scaling technology. Ok, so I built a new 
> kernel 

  Does lowering the clock speed manually via sysctl succeed?  E.g.,

    host# freqs=$(sysctl -n machdep.est.frequency.available)
    host# minfreq=$(echo $freqs | rs 0 1 | sort -n | head -1)
    host# sysctl -w$minfreq

-Dave B.

Boston, MA

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