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Re: Unable to dynamically set CPU frequency

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 12:27:17AM +0000, Tim R wrote:
> I get the message "second level name 'est' is invalid.
> What I have related in sysctl are 
> machdep.tsc_freq = 2161452540
> hw.acpi.cpu.dynamic = 1
> hw.acpi.cpu.passive = 1

  Hmm.  Absence of "est" under machdep sure sounds like it means
the kernel didn't recognize Enhanced Speed Step on the chip...

  Can you change something in your kernel config of which you'd
then see evidence on a subsequent reboot--to be absolutely positive
you're getting the kernel with the relevant config?  E.g.: comment
out something benign in the config (maybe the sound drivers?) and
look for them to disappear from dmesg's output?


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