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Re: Starting service (particularly ntpd) in background

On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 11:19:36AM -0000, David Lord wrote:
> I think that is a problem that you should fix. I also
> multiboot with some systems BSD, Linux and Windows.
> I have them all set to UTC. BSD and Linux can apply 
> timezone correction and display local time but ntpd 
> in both cases is UTC. 

That will help. Any particular ntp setting to look at for this?

> I have ntpdate_flags="-4 -b -s" as otherwise ipv6 might 
> be tried and fail (only one of my servers has ipv6
> access to internet just now).

My ntpdate (NetBSD 6.0) does not have -4 option. Still trying these
settings did not improve ntpdate time. Could it be a network issue? I
tried running ntpdate repeatedly (switching ntpd off after boot up). The
time it took varied from 6 to 13 seconds.

At boot time, though it takes even larger. I also noticed that my wifi LED
on the laptop steadies (indicating established connection) just after the
"setting date via ntp" message comes. May be network is not fully ready
when ntpdate runs?


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