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Re: Starting service (particularly ntpd) in background

On 25 May 2013 at 22:51, Rhialto wrote:

> I think the way ntpd is started the way it is, is to get proper
> timestamps in logfiles, and no time jumps when services are running.
> So it is likely put as early in the boot process as possible.
I've no problem with that and ntpd here starts faster than 
many other services I run that are started via rc.conf.

My own /var/log/ntp/ntp.log has nothing and /var/log/messages
just confirms I don't have a problem so maybe the OP should
give some more details.

The answer to his question is probably to disable ntpd in
rc.conf and run a script from rc.local but that would just
move the problem elsewhere.


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