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Re: netbsd 6.0.1 amd64 / IPv6 issues where IPv6 stops working after a short time

hi again, 

i have solved the issue. disabling options MPBIOS in the kernel config makes 
networking work forever.

thanks anyways to everybody,
On 2013-03-11, at 22:20 , Florian Geiges wrote:

> hi again everybody, 
> i have problems getting IPv6 to work reliably using 6.0.1 amd64. The primary 
> v6 IP is dead:beef:421b:2d00:98f7:78cf:d1b0:7ae1, i configured the machine 
> using: 
> /etc/ifconfig.wm0 has:
> /etc/rc.conf has:
> ip6mode=autohost
> rtsol=YES
> rtsol_flags=wm0
> it then works for a short (as in 10min or so, i have been unable to debug 
> this point further) period of time before simply failing. any IPv6 related 
> network program then exits with an error message stating there would be no 
> suitable route to the target host.
> Any ideas are welcome.
> Attached are dmesg, ifconfig and netstat outputs while the system works. The 
> output does not differ after failing. The behaviour is the same when using 
> 6.1-RC1 and -current kernels.
> Thanks in advance, 
>   flo
> <dmesg.txt><ifconfig.v6.txt><netstat.v6.txt>

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