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Re: netbsd 6.0.1 amd64 / IPv4 issues with out-of-net gateway using hostroute

hi again, 

i have solved the issue. disabling options MPBIOS in the kernel config makes 
networking work forever.

thanks anyways,

On 2013-03-11, at 22:05 , Florian Geiges wrote:

> hi everybody, 
> i have trouble configuring a netbsd-6.0.1-amd64 using a hostroute to an 
> out-of-network gateway with a /32 "network". since this is a hosted server, i 
> cannot influence the network config in any way. The machine also does not 
> want to boot at all unless i disable ACPI (-2). the config is 
> X.Y.132.210/ via X.Y.128.1 (where X and Y are constant), which 
> is applied using: 
> # ifconfig wm0 inet X.Y.132.210 netmask up
> # route add -host X.Y.128.1 -link wm0 -iface -expire 1
> # route add default X.Y.128.1 -ifp wm0
> i know that the upstream router is the next hop, so -expire 1 should be OK. 
> leaving it out does not change the behaviour. all commands return without 
> errors, just that i cannot get any v4 traffic in or out of the machine. 
> tcpdump does not show anything. the same happens when using 6.1-RC1 and 
> -current.
> am i missing something obvious or is it supposed to work? i need help at this 
> point.
> attached are text files with ping, ifconfig, netstat and dmesg outputs.
> thanks in advance, 
>   flo
> <dmesg.txt><ifconfig.txt><netstat.txt><ping.txt>

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