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NetBSD 6-STABLE: only one virtual terminal and no /dev/console

A recent problem I have with NetBSD, building from source, and not only in the 
6-STABLE branch, now at 6.1_RC1, is only having one virtual terminal.

Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F2,Ctrl-Alt-F3, etc, has no effect.

I also notice at the end of dmesg, there is no /dev/console.

I tried MAKEDEV and mknod without success, just getting error messages.

Linux and FreeBSD allocate device nodes dynamically, so no problem there.

This happens even with the GENERIC kernel.

Is there something missing in the conf/GENERIC configuration file or in 

The only way around is to build an X window manager from pkgsrc, using xorg 
from pkgsrc, having multiple desktops, such as icewm (or many others)?


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