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altq help


(Still) having problems with my asymmetric Internet connection and trying to
control the bandwidth of various protocols and users.

I have set up altq with cbq and I can see all the queues with

  pfctl -s queue -v

However, I can't seem to assign the packets to proper queues.  I have added

  pass out quick on $ext_if proto tcp from { <http_servers> } to any keep state 
queue ext_http

to the external interface (which I'm trying to control with altq) and

  pass in quick on $int_if proto tcp from port http to any keep state queue 

to the internal interface, but http packets are still assigned to the
standard queue where they hog all my outbound bandwidth.

(I first tried only the latter queue assignment and then added the former
one, but it didn't make any difference).

Do I also have to add queue rules for the incoming traffic on the external
interface?  I have seen this in some examples, but I don't understand why
that would be necessary (unless it's simply required by pf/altq).

Also, should the altq queues become effective immediately after reloading
pf.conf or do they only affect TCP connections created after the reload?

How can I find out why the packets aren't being assigned to proper queues?



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