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Re: Fwd: Unified BSD?

Don't get me wrong, i am not criticising pkgsrc or intentionally trying get people offside.

So aside from the obvious differences and limitations (i.e. manpower, design of each BSD system) What is stopping per say DragonflyBSD or any other BSD from using packages from FreeBSD or vice versa through pkgsrc?

Or is it simply that some choose not to provide back to pkgsrc?

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 2:15 AM, John Marino <> wrote:
On 12/4/2012 16:07, Martin wrote:
Sorry forget that last message.

GNOME was a bad example, but you did in essence you clarify my point.
That FreeBSD or whichever one you talk about may or may not be using a
different pkgsrc branch.

I didn't call any components standardized, i said even if you _*were*_

to standardize certain components for all BSDs (related to package
management/ source) you still would have to get around the fact that
each of them may use a different pkgsrc branch.

Otherwise you wouldn't have the current differences in software
compatibility where FreeBSD has what (28000 packages?) and NetBSD has

The package count of the two systems is basically affected by lifespan (ports existed first) and manpower, so don't read into this.

Ports has about 24000 unique packages, pkgsrc has around 10,800 unique packages (about 2000 are duplicated with multiple python, ruby, php combinations).

The user has the option to stay on the branch suggested at the time of the release, or can migrate as he/she wants.  In the case of DragonFly, it was catching up with fixing broken packages for a long time, so migrating to newest quarterly is generally recommended.

I would say pkgsrc serves to standardize the systems that use it.  I could install pkgsrc on OpenIndiana as an example and use the same software on that platform.


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