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Re: Fwd: Unified BSD?

Martin <> writes:

> I can see how you could misunderstand what i said.
> My point was about that each of the BSD's use pkgsrc in a different way and
> the releases from FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD or DflyBSD don't all rely on the
> exact same packages for every release (i.e. NetBSD 6 and FreeBSD 9 do not
> use the same version of GNOME-2 desktop; poor example), and that generally
> per BSD release they generally blob the binaries that are compatible for
> that release together.

No, pkgsrc is one for everyone, unless someone maintains his own branch.
As far as I know, only DragonFly and SmartOS do, though nothing serious
stops them from using original distribution. Thus NetBSD 6 and FreeBSD 9 use
the same version of GNOME, provided that they use supported pkgsrc branch.

> While each of the aformentioned distros run on a different release schedule
> (i.e. FreeBSD will release a new version a lot quicker than per-say
> NetBSD). These two things in combination with each other make it harder for
> one to update even if all BSD's had certain standardized components related
> to binaries and compatibility.

pkgsrc releases more frequently than both operating systems,
updating pkgsrc packages is not hard even when building from source.
In fact, if you read announcements, you know that we suggest that
every user updates as soon as possible after we release.

Tangentially, it is still unclear which components you call "standardized"
between systems of BSD family. All of them have different kernels, different
libraries, different compilers, different userland tools (except some very
archaic ones).

> That was not saying one can't use pkgsrc to update or install packages on
> an earlier version of BSD persay FreeBSD 6 or how pkgsrc releases binaries
> and source.

pkgsrc, as its name says, releases package source.


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