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Re: Unified BSD?

Martin <> writes:

> The biggest fault i see with this idea is updates. Pkgsrc is generally just
> one large blob of binaries or source that have been deemed stable and
> compatible with that current release of whichever BSD in question
> (generally archived by date).

Sorry? This is just lie. pkgsrc is generally compatible with a lot more
than just current FreeBSD release. I have successfully used it on FreeBSD 6
when it was forgotten upstream.

> That means in its current form with each BSD
> on a different release schedule there would be incompatibilities for those
> BSDs that don't update as frequently (namely NetBSD, OpenBSD &
> DragonflyBSD). Which means a change of how source and binaries are archived
> not to mention pooled together.

pkgsrc release cycle is shorter than that of any of all those operating systems
you listed.


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