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Re: Do you advise me to adopt NetBSD?


> The impression that I got (which may as well be wrong) is that FreeBSD
> is more mass-oriented than Net-/OpenBSD, although not as much as PC-BSD,
> of course. Next to PC-BSD, FreeBSD is probably the more Linux-like of
> BSD distributions. And that is precisely the reason why it does not
> attract me.

Considering the anarchy of so many Linux distributions, I don't know what you
mean by Linux-like.  Slackware, Gentoo, Arch, Ubuntu, Mint, SUSE, Fedora?

Lack of USB 3.0 support is a serious downside to NetBSD for me.  Also, Linux
and FreeBSD are much more elegant than NetBSD with GPT partitions.  I think
OpenBSD doesn't support either GPT or USB 3.0 at all?

FreeBSD and Linux allocate device nodes under /dev dynamically (udev or 
devfs), while NetBSD still preallocates all device nodes statically, as
FreeBSD and Linux did some versions back.

PC-BSD is actually a dressed-up FreeBSD rather than a separate OS.  PC-BSD
comes with many nice packages already installed and configured like a Linux
distribution, but based on FreeBSD and not Linux.

Linux and FreeBSD seem much more compatible with my hardware, including 
graphics card, than NetBSD.  Maybe users with different hardware don't have
such problems with NetBSD.


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