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Re: Configuring SLIP interface to use mobile phone as modem

On Sat, Oct 06, 2012 at 02:30:20PM -0500, Dave Huang wrote:
> I don't know anything about the N900, but SLIP is almost certainly
> not the right protocol. Are you sure it's not PPP? On all the phones
> I've used, to get a GPRS/3G data connection, I use PPP and use
> "*99#" as the phone number.
> is
> about connecting it to a Mac, but it seems to confirm that it uses
> PPP with *99# as the number, like other phones.

With ppp and above phone number following is what happens:

On NetBSD I see following error message from pppd

   Serial line is looped back.

From kernel I continue to get following, though it is coming
asynchronously i.e. not necessarily when attempting to start pppd:

   /netbsd: umodem0: abnormal status: IOERROR

On N900 side I see the following messages when pppd tries to connect with

        musb_hdrc periph: enabled ep4in for bulk IN, maxpacket 64
        musb_hdrc periph: enabled ep4out for bulk OUT, maxpacket 64
        Phonet unknown PEP type: 1
        Phonet unknown PEP type: 1
        Phonet unknown PEP type: 1

(Phone works fine as a modem with Linux. So presumably not a hardware

I have followed most instructions from the following page:

Anything different I need to try?


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