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Configuring SLIP interface to use mobile phone as modem

My setup: NetBSD 6.0 rc1 on i386, Nokia N900 connected with USB cable.

Kernel is configured to support ucom0, umodem0 and sl psuedo device.

On connecting the modem is identified as umodem0

Firstly I assume, SLIP is the right method to use as I do not need to dial
like in ppp, just need to connect with the device over USB LAN.

Did the following to create sl0:
ifconfig sl0 create

Did slattach /dev/ttyU0
This caused errors like "sl0: no carrier and not local".
After using slattach -l option, above error went away.

Now I see errors like:
umodem0: abnormal status: IOERROR
sl0: cannot assign link-local address

What further steps are required to get sl0 communicate with the mobile?


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