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Re: Can a custom and native kernel compilation improve efficiency?

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 9:53 AM, Mayuresh <> wrote:
> Quoting from:
> "by enabling optimisations more specific to your hardware, or tuning the
> system to match your specific sizing and workload, you can improve
> performance."
> For an i686 desktop, are there specific things I can do to achieve above
> benefits?
> Specifically, how do I compile the kernel for i686 instead of i386 _and_
> will doing so benefit in terms of efficiency? ( Will COPTS+=-mnative in
> /etc/mk.conf do?)

It's basically up to you.  You can add any optimization flags you like
(which include several in the -O, -f and -m families) to COPTS and
these will affect the kernel build.  That said, be aware that adding
any of these non-standard might affect the stability of the kernel or
worsen its overall performance.

(I don't know if -mnative will work; gcc(1) in my -current
installation doesn't show such option, and my OS X installation only
knows about -mtune=native and -march=native.)

Also, what do you mean by an "i686 desktop"?  It is too generic.  Take
a look under the "Intel 386 and AMD x86-64 Options" section of the
gcc(1) manpage for possible flags that might help your goal.  And once
you apply any flags, make sure that they are actually improving your
system performance!

Julio Merino / @jmmv

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