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Re: NetBSD on MacBook 4.1

> Jeff Rizzo suggsted the EW-7811UN. I've just bought one from eBay and
> it works well for me (using it to send this
> email now). The firmware files have to be installed manually, so the
> manpage probably needs updating, but very happy for GBP 8.95 delivered
> :)

Thanks for this!  The onboard wifi in my Thinkpad X60s has been getting
flaky for months now, and one of these little things seems like the
best workaround.  I've been putting it off to avoid the tedium of
tracking down one that I can expect to work with minimal effort in both
Linux and NetBSD, but the EW-7811UN looks like a good candidate.

For the benefit of other subscribers / future archive readers: someone
kindly emailed me off-list and stated that the WA-U150B also works
using drivers in -current as long as you provide firmware.

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