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Re: Delete key no longer works after update to 6.0_BETA2


> When I set TERM to xterm-old, everything seems to be okay. Using
> xterm-r5, the problem with inverted text is no longer present, but
> another problem remains, I forgot to mention: When using the history
> function of the shell, the cursor is not moved to the beginning of the
> line, i.e. the command line grows longer and longer with entries from
> the history.

A summary here would be that different xterm implementations are incompatible.
Hence, there are different xterm-* entries in both termcap and terminfo.  Our
previous termcap "xterm" entry was a mixture of older and newer entries, but
lost some features of both.  I'm not sure that it's sensible to restore it
for our terminfo "xterm" entry though.



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