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Re: 6.0 + Thinkpad T61 = instant reboot. And now?

On 22 February 2012 10:16, Ian Clark <> wrote:
> You might be able to chainload the netbsd bootloader from GRUB? Or try
> asking grub to multiboot netbsd? (that should work shouldn't it??)
> You could also potentially chainload the NetBSD loader from the w7
> menu. (My R61 boots linux this way.)

Actually tried this last night, didn't work. NetBSD bootloader can't
see an active partition.

Might try setting 2 partitions active but this could confuse the MS bootloader.

I may try NetBSD in an extended partition and try mbr_ext next.

> Do they boot a current kernel? will they boot the kernel on the
> laptop? Can you boot the laptop from the CD bootloader?
I was able to boot the installed NetBSD using the CD bootloader.
(Laptop R61, netbsd 6.0_BETA from a few days ago.)


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