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Re: 5.1.2 hangs up

> [snip]
 >> The problem is accessing the file system.
 >> For example, "ls -la /srv" stalls (/srv is a mount point),
 >> ls process cannot be killed by sending SIGINT, SIGTERM and other
 >> signals.
> Do you see anything in the dmesg?

I don't see anything bad in dmesg and log files.

> Are your cables okay? I had exactly this situation which turned out to
> be a failing SATA cable. (I think heat induced movement was causing it
> to fail every so often.) It was so intermittent that a reboot would
> 'fix' it.

I ran 'smartctl -t long' and the test succeeded.
'smartctl -H' shows everything is fine.
hdd temperature is fine (41 deg. C).

The only "unusual" thing in my setup is that I have
a lot of null mounts.

> It was marked by lots of lost interrupts in the dmesg relating to the
> sata channel.

> Cheers,

> Ian

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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