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Missing wscons keycodes on dell usb sk-8124 keyboard... how to add?

I've got a dell usb keyboard (model sk-8124) plugged into an HP Proliant
and wanted to remap the caps lock key into a control key.  I added the
usual mapping to the mapfile pointed to by /etc/wsconsctl.conf:

keycode 57 = Control_L

This does indeed turn the caps lock key into a control key, but it also
kills all the other shift, control, alt, windows keys which worked before
the remapping.  I did some random experimentation and found the key codes
for those keys, which I have listed below:

keycode 225 = Shift_L
keycode 224 = Control_L
#keycode 227 = windows
#keycode 226 = Alt_L
keycode 229 = Shift_R
keycode 228 = Control_R
#keycode 101 = funny looking symbol
#keycode 230 = Alt_R

I can add those to the mapfile and get expected functionality.  However,
the switch-between-virtual-consoles Ctrl+Alt+Fn does not work.  It produces
the same keystroke as just pressing the Fn key.

Looking through a standard keymap, I suspect that those keys are mapped
through the lines such as:

keycode 58 = Cmd_Screen0 f1 F1

Since the native system is not recognizing the Ctrl and Alt keys until
I specify them, it probably does not recognize the Ctrl+Alt combination.

How and where do I tell wscons that Cmd_ScreenX comes from keycode 228 +
keycode 226 (Ctrl+Alt)?

Or better yet, how do I add the keycodes that I discovered for this
keyboard to the system so that things "will just work"?


John Refling

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