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Re: NetBSD mail client

On Feb 11, 2012, at 8:44 AM, Pierre-Philipp Braun wrote:
> Back straightly to your question, if you like command line, there used to be 
> patches for Pine to enable Maildir.  Maybe the newer Alpine does it too.  As 
> for thunderbird, I don't know what mail format it uses but it should be able 
> to handle quite some load, doesn't it ?

Pine and Alpine ought to implement mix, which is a compromise between mbox and 
maildir.  If you use maildir on platforms without UFS_DIRHASH, you're likely to 
end up with a different scaling problem when you start having 10s to 100s of 
thousands of files in a directory...

Thunderbird used to use mboxrd, which is an extension of mbox.
They also seem to have bolted on a SQLlite database for searching with more 
recent versions.


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