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Re: NetBSD mail client

Hi Brook,

you can always use IMAP and let the server do the job (which, in turns, leads to questionings about imap server's mail format capabilities.

Back straightly to your question, if you like command line, there used to be patches for Pine to enable Maildir. Maybe the newer Alpine does it too. As for thunderbird, I don't know what mail format it uses but it should be able to handle quite some load, doesn't it ?


Brook Milligan wrote:
I have to manage thousands of email messages in my inbox and am
looking for a mail client that will handle this well.  Every one I
have tried so far maintains the messages in mbox format, which leads
to massively large files even when split apart into various folders.
I think it would be better if the messages were managed by the client
in maildir format instead so that each message is a single file.

Are there any recommendations on what would be useful for this?

Thanks alot.


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