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Re: NetBSD mail client

On 11 February 2012 16:44, Pierre-Philipp Braun <> 
> Hi Brook,
> you can always use IMAP and let the server do the job (which, in turns,
> leads to questionings about imap server's mail format capabilities.
> Back straightly to your question, if you like command line, there used to be
> patches for Pine to enable Maildir.  Maybe the newer Alpine does it too.  As
> for thunderbird, I don't know what mail format it uses but it should be able
> to handle quite some load, doesn't it ?

Yup, alpine can handle maildir (and I've used it on tens of thousands
messages mailboxes for a while), and I would concur that dovecot is a
good place to be IMAP server-wise.
Do you have a preference for text based, GUI, web...?

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