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Re: Embedded NetBSD USB

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 12:20:37AM -0600, Dave Huang wrote:
> > I know the author of the FreeBSD code. 
> > He would love to see NetBSD using the same USB code.
> > It makes a lot of sense, since more drivers would be available and
> > more people could use it.
> > I bet NetBSD wants USB 3.0 too?
> Even USB 2.0 would be great... apparently, NetBSD's USB code doesn't
> (fully?) support EHCI transaction translators. Some low/full speed
> devices don't work when plugged into a hub, and I also get periodic
> "missed microframe, TT reset not implemented, hub might be
> inoperational" messages. Most of the time, the hub remains operational,
> but not always :(

NetBSD's USB is unreliable on my hardware.  It works for some time, but after
some time a port or two may stop working until the next reboot.  A few weeks
ago writing to a CF card (using a USB reader) made this quad core machine very
sluggish, mouse pointer jumpy etc.  After a reboot, everything was fine again.

So yes please, if there's a working USB stack available, please port it over


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