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Re: sysinst and gpt

On Sunday, January 15, 2012, Thomas Mueller <> 
>> > This would be both amd64 and i386, and both 5.1_STABLE and HEAD.
>> > I would build NetBSD source code not including X, then build X from
>> > pkgsrc.
>> > Even if this fails to build or builds a nonbootable system, it might
>> > serve as a dress rehearsal and feasibility study for cross-building a
>> > Linux installation.
>> Well, that all sounds like a lot of work. I have a few other ideas as
>> well. One would be to try what you did and just install from a NetBSD
>> CD manually. I found some notes on that at
>> .
>> I don't know if I can get everything to work that way but if it works
>> it is probably less work than the way you suggest.
>> > On a GPT-partitioned drive, you might need grub2 as opposed to legacy
>> > grub 0.97.
>> Yes. I have grub2 in place already. That part should be alright.
>> Cheers,
>> Christian
> I feel I need to build NetBSD from source because the binary distribution
doesn't work.

This sounds to me borderline trolling...

> Also there are some things wrong with the included X, one being ability
to copy and paste only a small amount of lines at one time.

I used to use pkgsrc Xorg earlier to get some accellerated graphics with
some supported cards at the time, but switched to the builtin Xorg for both
i386 and amd64, never had any problem cutting and pasting.

> Another thing is inability to go into X with the generic kernel.

???  works for the cards I use.

> Of course, getting a working NetBSD by building from source is a doubtful

Full build of -current entirely from source, including Xorg, takes 28
minutes on one of the machines I have occasional access to (quad core Xeon
Cougar Point). Usually though I build -current from scratch two-three times
a week on a VirtualBox VM, which takes several hours, so I leave it
overnight. I have been running only -current for the last 4-5 years on all
NetBSD machines I maintain ( not many - 4-5 physical servers and another
12-15 VMs under VBox, VMware and XenServer). So no, building NetBSD from
source is more or less trivial. Lately I have been using BUILD-NetBSD
script for consistency. Occasionally the end result has problems, but I
test the builds on dedicated VMs and if it looks OK I upgrade the machines
I consider "production".

of course, everyone expects differnet things from the OS of choice, it's
easy to find gray areas. Horses for courses, as they say.

> Tom




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