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Re: sysinst and gpt

> Hi,
> I've been trying to install NetBSD 5.1.1 to a 3TB hard drive but
> sysinit always throws an error about the MBR not matching up and the
> drive will always be considered a 2TB drive. Obviously, sysinit fails
> to recognise the GPT partitioning and is unable to install to such a
> drive.

> I'm not fussed about booting because I'll probably have grub on the
> drive, anyway. According to what I found on the web, NetBSD is generally
> able to handle gpt partitioned drives, so how do I install to such a
> drive.

> I can boot from a CD but also have access to the system via a FreeBSD
> or a Linux system.

> TIA,
> Christian

I had that problem last summer when trying to install NetBSD-current to a 3 TB 
hard drive, using snapshot from

I think you mean sysinst and not sysinit?

Unfortunately, sysinst can't recognize gpt and also will not install to an 
already mounted partition.

I extracted the .tgz files to the root directory of the NetBSD partition and 
ran etcupdate from the CD.

However, it started to boot but hung every time; also the installation CD boot 
hung about half the time.

I successfully installed NetBSD 5.1_STABLE amd64 to a 16 GB USB stick.  That 
booted but immediately rebooted whenever I tried to go into X.

Then FreeBSD 9.0_BETA1 came out and sidetracked me away from NetBSD.

Now I intend to source-upgrade to FreeBSD 9.0 release, on 9.0-RC3 now, then I 
might see if I can cross-build NetBSD from FreeBSD 9.0_RELEASE.

This would be both amd64 and i386, and both 5.1_STABLE and HEAD.

I would build NetBSD source code not including X, then build X from pkgsrc.

Even if this fails to build or builds a nonbootable system, it might serve as a 
dress rehearsal and feasibility study for cross-building a Linux installation.

On a GPT-partitioned drive, you might need grub2 as opposed to legacy grub 0.97.

I could also try to build NetBSD 5.1_STABLE and HEAD from the 16 GB USB stick 


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