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Re: NetBSD, Postfix and IMAP


Folks might be interested in data from:

UW-IMAP and Panda IMAP were largely written by Mark Crispin, one of the 
creators of the IMAP protocol.  The former has had a somewhat grim security 

Cyrus descends from the Andrew Message System and has had generations of 
incoming CS students fold, spindle, mutilate and otherwise torment their 
mailboxes via experimentation with homegrown MUAs, procmail or other filter 
mechanisms, buggy variants thereupon, and thus is highly resilient with 
multiple recovery mechanisms possible, and scalable to very large sites.  For 
non-trivial sites, it also comes closer to wanting experienced support people 
handy, kinda like MS Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino really wants someone with 
experience to provide care and feeding.

Dovecot comes closest to my preferences nowadays in much the same fashion that 
Postfix does compared with Sendmail.


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