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OT: SPARC 13W3 video (cable) adapters


Sorry for the OT post but thought of asking here, first
(since the machines in question run NetBSD).

I have a pair of Sun boxen that I need to interface
to "conventional" monitors (DVI or "VGA") as my
last Sun monitor gave up the ghost  :<

I have some 13W3 <-> VGA adapters but they are
intended to hang on the *end* of a Sun video
cable.  Those cables are too short (and bulky)
for my needs.

Does someone make an adapter that will mate to the
video cards in the Sun boxes, directly (e.g.,
Creator Elite/3D) that will then present a "VGA"
(HD15E) connector compatible with a "regular"
video cable?

I never know whether to call the 13W3 on the Creator
a "male" or a "female".  Obviously, the adapters
that I currently have are the wrong gender since
they mate with the Sun video cable (which has
connectors of the same gender on both ends).  So,
I don't even begin to know what to search for...


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