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Re: OT: SPARC 13W3 video (cable) adapters


> Does someone make an adapter that will mate to the
> video cards in the Sun boxes, directly (e.g.,
> Creator Elite/3D) that will then present a "VGA"
> (HD15E) connector compatible with a "regular"
> video cable?

Yes.  Look for a Sun 130-3034 (13W3-M/HD15-F) adapter, which will plug in
to the 13W3 connector on the frame buffer and can be used with a VGA cable.
Note, that not all VGA cables have pin 9 connected, which is required for
powering the monitor EEPROM.  Without this, the FFB driver might not be able
to retrieve EDID information from the monitor.  (Some 13W3/HD15 adapters
don't connect this pin either, but the 130-3034 adapters that I have do.



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