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Color me impressed

Thought I'd send a quick introduction.

I've been using Linux for about six years and FreeBSD for about five.
I was always impressed with the FreeBSD build system and the fact that
everything does "just work", assuming one takes the time to read the
manual and other docs like "UPDATING".

Anyway, I've wanted to try NetBSD for some time but try to avoid
downloading iso files (just got tired of it). I came across info about and decided to try a cross-compile on my Linux From Scratch
system. I grabbed a snapshot of -current (I like the bleeding edge),
read the docs, fired it up and went to bed. Lo and behold, when I woke
up this morning it had finished without any errors.

I have yet to actually install it, as it may take some rearrangement
of my partitions, but I'm considerably impressed already. I will of
course send anything relevant to the -current mailing list.


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