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How to update bind (binary package)

Hi all,

Sorry if this is quite obvious, but I have to admin a NetBSD 4.0
machine we use as DNS and I'm lost here.

As you might be aware of, a 0-day vulnerability has been found in bind
9 and a  patch to address it has been released. Since I am using the
version of bind that was installed via pkg_add (I guess, since the dir
/var/db/pkg/bind-9.4.2pl1 exists), which is version 9.4, affected by
the 0-day, what is the best way to update the binary package?, are
security updates for this packages released in any way?.

I thank you all,

"UNIX is very simple, it just needs a genius to understand its simplicity."
-- Dennis Ritchie, D.E.P.

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