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USB 3.0 (Re: NetBSD 6.0)

> > On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 08:28:12 +0000 (GMT), Thomas Mueller wrote:
> >I am also concerned, on the new computer, that NetBSD, with its
> >different way of accessing partitions, /dev/dk*, might run amok and
> >damage my FreeBSD and future Linux installations.
> On what ground? wedges are pure kernel memory entities, constructed at
> run time via GPT, disklabel, MBR.
> If wedges break up file systems, they are not really at fault -- labels
> or MBR are.
> --
> Jean-Yves Migeon

Or NetBSD's way of interpreting disklabels or MBR.

Even if I install NetBSD on a USB stick, I would still put the source tree and 
pkgsrc on a hard-drive partition, likely the same partition I used for FreeBSD 
9.0-BETA1 .

I remember, under MBR and traditional BSD disklabels, how NetBSD overwrote the 
FreeBSD disklabel with its own on the FreeBSD partition.

First time, with FreeBSD 7.2 and no packages/ports installed, I could no longer 
access that partition until I installed FreeBSD 8.0.

Then with packages installed from ports, NetBSD again wrecked the FreeBSD 
disklabel, but this time, I had a backup copy and fixed the error, and FreeBSD 
was back in business as if nothing had gone wrong.  But I think now that bug 
has been fixed at the NetBSD end.

So I would be sure to keep a backup of the hard-drive partition table, GPT in 
this case, on a USB stick: a good idea, anyway.


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