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Re: NetBSD - lighttpd - PHP - MySQL - Mediawiki

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 6:18 PM, Greg A. Woods <> 
> At Thu, 8 Sep 2011 17:49:01 -0700, Andy Ruhl <> 
> wrote:
> Subject: Re: NetBSD - lighttpd - PHP - MySQL - Mediawiki
>> The last lighttpd release was July 3rd. I assume they haven't had more
>> releases because they haven't needed to.
>> For a small server it works perfectly. No need to keep fixing it if
>> it's not broken.
> FYI, I deleted lighttpd as soon as I could.  (well it's still running on
> a machine at home on my LAN, with no public IP address, and a firewall
> too, but it's definitely not "in production"!)
> The last time I was using it, over a year ago now I guess, was with
> 1.4.20, and it was terribly buggy, and in some scary ways.  Development
> efforts appeared to be pushing into the complexity and features instead
> of reliability and quality.  The code didn't exactly inspire confidence
> either.
> In particular their claim for security at that time was false.
> I tried it out initially as it seemed to be the best alternative to
> sticking to ancient Apache for a site with multiple virtual domains,
> some running Mailman.
> I don't need it at the moment, but I'd love to see a "config" for
> bozohttpd that offered virtual hosting, with some hosing virtual
> Mailman, and with SSL for everything.
> bozohttpd-20100920 isn't making me very confident either with extremely
> frequent core dumps on my one production web server....  I should debug
> that, esp. given I see that's still the current release....
> I should probably look at nginx and yaws too.

nginx is fast and I know hating on apache is fashionable, but I still
don't understand what's wrong with it.

The most common complaint I've heard is that the config file is
"complicated", but it doesn't have to be..

These days I'm also a big fan of varnish for the edge.
( ; version 3 is in wip/varnish)

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