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NetBSD - lighttpd - PHP - MySQL - Mediawiki

Hi listers
- a question I find no reference whatever I google for:

I currently set up a webserver what should run lighttpd with mediawiki.

But how are the necessary modules interacting? The webserver is
lighttpd. The php-package (is a module of lighttpd) is required to run
Mediawiki. But what with the mysql-database? Is php using mysql
directly? Or do I need to compile lighttpd together with mysql-support?

I get not really an idea, what parts depends on what. Anybody knows, how
this chain lighttpd - PHP - MySQL - Mediawiki is depending?

It would be easy to pkg_add just the binaries without compiling all the
sources, thats why I ask..

All input and spiritual support welcome, thanks!
herb langhans

sprachtraining langhans
herbert langhans, warschau
+0048 603 341 441

| jabber:herbs
| icq:414500866
| yahoo_im:herbert.raimund

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