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Re: NetBSD - lighttpd - PHP - MySQL - Mediawiki

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 11:37 AM, herbert langhans
<> wrote:
> Hi listers
> - a question I find no reference whatever I google for:
> I currently set up a webserver what should run lighttpd with mediawiki.
> But how are the necessary modules interacting? The webserver is
> lighttpd. The php-package (is a module of lighttpd) is required to run
> Mediawiki. But what with the mysql-database? Is php using mysql
> directly? Or do I need to compile lighttpd together with mysql-support?
> I get not really an idea, what parts depends on what. Anybody knows, how
> this chain lighttpd - PHP - MySQL - Mediawiki is depending?
> It would be easy to pkg_add just the binaries without compiling all the
> sources, thats why I ask..
> All input and spiritual support welcome, thanks!
> herb langhans

Ok, this isn't going to be a complete answer for 2 reasons: I'm not
that smart and I don't remember stuff too good.

I'm using lighttpd with php and it's working on postgresql, which
should be similar enough except you're using mysql (I can't stand

1. Lighttpd needs to be installed first.
2. Install php (probably php5) from pkgsrc/lang
3. Install mysql from pkgsrc/databases
4. Install php-mysql in pkgsrc/databases
5. Edit the lighttpd config file to support php (I don't remember how
to do it, hit Google).
6. Edit the php.ini file to load the php-mysql module, should look
something like this:
    You might have to add an option for the extension dir, something like this:
    extension_dir = "/usr/pkg/lib/php/20040412"

You will probably need to tweak php.ini because php has all kinds of
foibles about how it works depending on how you use it.

As far as mediawiki, I've never used it so if there is anything else
after that, I don't know it.

The best way to check your php config is to create an info.php file
somewhere which is web accesible. It only needs to have this in it:

<?php phpinfo() ?>

If it doesn't load, or only shows the text above, you know lighttpd
isn't loading php correctly.

If it loads, check the output and make sure the mysql module is
loaded. It will have a section titled mysql if you did it right.


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